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After completing my residency and several years into private practice, I wanted to make the medical Spanish I learned over the years through interactions with Spanish-speaking patients available to other physicians and health care providers working with a Spanish-speaking patient population. 

Taking note of the fact that most books written about medical Spanish present the information as vocabulary lists or fragmented phrases for rote memorization, I wanted to create something more realistic.  I wanted something to represent the true interaction between doctor and patient.  The idea for Eye, MD Dialogue: Ophthalmology in Spanish ~ Oftalmología en Español was born!

My guide covers a wide array of ocular diseases and uniquely presents each diagnosis as a dialogue between patient and doctor.  New vocabulary used to address various conditions is introduced through the dialogue, giving the reader a sense of how the words and descriptions are used.  

Please take note: This book is not meant to teach Spanish or represent native Spanish colloquial conversation. It is written by a native English-speaking physician for other native English-speaking physicians working to make the most of their academic Spanish so they can communicate effectively with their eye care patients.

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