Medical & Scientific Editing

To Edit: "To alter, to adapt, to refine."
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About Me

I am Bernadette M. Hromin, MD, ELS, a New York University–trained ophthalmologist who has provided comprehensive eye care in the New York/New Jersey area for over 13 years.


Toward the latter clinical years, I began working as a freelance medical editor of journal manuscripts and continuing medical education and academic material. I also performed substantive editing for physicians and scientists for whom English is not a primary language (ESL editing). 


As my experience as an editor grew, I found that my training as a physician gave me a unique advantage and perspective in the medical editing field, including editing of the biological and biochemical sciences. Whether working with a professional or lay audience, health care writing and editing requires a strong command of medical and clinical terminology. What better way to achieve this command than to actively live this language through years of medical academia and direct patient care?

In 2017, I decided to dedicate myself full-time to the medical editing profession. I do this with the hope of fostering better communication between provider and patient, writer and reader. I am a proud member of the American Medical Writers Association and the Editorial Freelancers Association. I am also a board-certified Editor of the Life Sciences (ELS).


"I make your content the central focus by improving language, syntax, and style application."



  • Copyediting

    • peer-reviewed journal manuscripts, medical texts, study guides​

  • Substantive Editing

    • specializing in material written by non-native English authors

  • Style Formatting

    • AMA and journal house style

I edit material from all medical specialties and the biological sciences


I have particular experience in the journal style and nuances of the titles Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Transplantation Proceedings, and Clinics in Dermatology.

I perform print and digital editing and I utilize the intelligent editing software PerfectIt 4. I am proficient in Microsoft Office Suite, Google Docs, and XML tagging.